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It’s time to see this. We are saying this aloud.

There is an established caste system we all adhere to, irrespective of our belief system. We may speak different languages, follow varied cultural traditions, and believe in differing versions of who we are. But these differences do not free us from this established caste system. In today’s world, it is the ‘caste of cost’.

We are made to believe, our economic status defines the kind of project we can choose from, the kind of life we will live, and the kind of geography we will belong to. So, if you have a certain amount of money, a certain kind of project is for you, you shall have privileges of that category, but never beyond.​

At Bharathi Group, we have put in a lot of thought to this. Not just our business, projects, profitability and to-do lists which make us a successful enterprise, but rather, seeing things from a completely different perspective.

Our vision is to create a community where the word ‘living’ finds meaning again.

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We see your need.

We hear what you want.

Amenities planned in most projects are limited by budgetary constraints and sales-enablers. No builder thinks or talks of the quality of life beyond visible show-pieces. We have redefined our role in creating Bharathi Elements. We are curious creators in the constant quest to improve the quality of living.

We question the caste system created by cost. We research the why and how: from location to the offering.

If you value thoughtfulness in little things, Bharathi Elements will resonate with your thinking. No big claims to be heard here, no in-your-face amenities – only simple, mindful solutions which make daily living easier.


Insightful concepts.

Unheard-of detailing.

Trends one sees around today, are quite similar to each other. However, we have chosen the path of nurturing and nourishing, hearing and healing, seeing and solving.

So how does one make a place renew itself? Especially when it is part of the city culture, modern life, and the inhabitants are regular people, with worldly responsibilities.

The answer we saw within was, through the creation of a caring and comforting environment.

When we care, we see through the point of view of the resident, when we comfort, we hear our innate wisdom as experts to tackle everyday problems with long-lasting solutions.



• Athangudi tiles for common flooring

• Environment-friendly porotherm walls for thermal comfort

• Allis to ensure reduced heat in balconies

• Trickle vents in windows to ensure more oxygen in rooms

• Resting places while climbing staircases or railings

• Automated common area lighting

• GPS enabled managed parking

• A Work from Home space

• App-enabled food delivery

• Besides classes for kids & a managed crèche.

When you hear this, do you wonder what we mean? Well, see for yourself, how we have made living at Bharathi Elements an experience which celebrates the land we are on, while also providing for contemporary needs. We see the value of tradition, we hear the call of modernity. Without allowing cost to be the compulsive factor.

A sight to behold.

A sound, soft and sweet.

‘Where do you live?’ This simple question is a revelation. Literally so, since the area you reside in, is seen from an economic perspective most times. People assume your life, your daily living and your living conditions from the answer you give to the question.

Good residences are far away, and good jobs don’t seem to align with these locations. Is there a chance to get out of this choice?

​ Can we figure out a residence, which fulfils not just our daily needs with meaningful amenities, while still helping us cut down travel time from places of work, education, shopping, and other necessities?

Does it necessarily need to come at a cost? Bharathi Elements might change your view of what the answer is.

This hand-picked location will reduce routine travel time along with these wonderful benefits:

Essentialy Located

Sri Ramanujar Engineering College - 2km
Tagore Engineering College - 4km
GKM Engineering College - 4km
Tagore Medical College - 5km
Crecent Engineering College - 6km
IITDM - 5km
Crecent School of Architecture - 6km
VIT University - 5km
Madras Christian College - 9km
Chettinad Medical College - 15km

Fitjee School - At site
Delhi Public School - 5km
Zion Matriculation Hr. Sec. School - 2.5km
SSM CBSE School -4km
Velammal Global School - 7km

Vandalur zoo - 6km
Gold Souk Mall - 6km
Govt. Organiz Park -4km

Vandalur - Kelambakkam Road - 600m
Vandalur Bus Stop - 6km
Chennai Airport - 15km
Tambaram Bus Stand - 8.5km
Tambaram Railway Station - 10km
Camp Road - 5km
Outer Ring Road (400ft) - 6.5km
New Moffusil Bus Stand - 6.9km
Kilambakkam Bus Terminus - 8.5km

Tagore Hospital - 5km
Cosh Multispeciality Hospial - 8.5km
Hindu Mission Hospital - 10.2km
Chettinad Health City - 15km.


• Rcc Framed Structure with isolated footing.

• Out walls using 8” Porotherm blocks and 6”/4” solid blocks for internal walls in cement mortar with reinforcement at sill and lintel level as per structural design standards.

• Internal walls with be finished with 8mm thick texture putty coats, primer with premium emulsion paint.

• Exterior walls will be finished with neat cement plaster with white cement and weather proof exterior paint.

Living, dining, Master bedroom & 2nd bedroom with be finished with 4’x2’ Vitrified Tiles with 4”high skirting as per architects concept.

Kitchen area will be finished with wooden finish tiles with 4”high skirting as per architect’s concept.

Corridor and lobbies will be finished with athangudi/designer tiles with 4”high skirting.

Staircase area will be finished with leather finished Cuddapah stone and riser with athangudi tiles

Exposed terrace area will be finished with 9”x 9”pressed white weather course tiles as per architect’s concept

Eco sewage treatment plant - A new age STP that uses minimalistic power consumption and motors ensuring huge reduction in maintenance cost.

Entrance main door with laminated hardwood door and wooden frame in treshgold at height of 8’from finished floor level with SS/equivalent fittings, locks and accessories.

All windows and ventilators will be provided with GI frames and MS safety grills. Balconies will be provided with GI French door.

Staircase handrail along with kids handrail and mid landing seat will be MS Grill as per architect’s concept.

Balcony railing will be MS grill with pot holders as per architect’s concept.

Modular bottom unit with chimney / exhaust holes will be provided as per architect’s concept.

Granite for kitchen wall dado of height up to 2’0” above cooking platform.

All sanitary wares will be Elements branded EWC with flush valve as per architect’s concept. No IWCs will be provided. All CP fittings and taps of Essco by Jaguar/equivalent will be provided.

All toilets will be provided with bore well water connection and flush with treated water from eco STP will be provided for flush.

2 fully automatic 15 passenger capacity lifts with automatic rescue device will be installed.

3 phase power supply will be provided in all houses with all mandatory protective breakers.

Solar Power system connected to the grid is used for common areas.

ISI wires and modular switches will be used.

A common basic water filtration unit shall be provided to ensure supply of drinking water in kitchen tap.

Ground water at our site is potable.

Green crown for exterior.

Garders at various levels such as mid-landing. balcony(vertical garden), Juliet balconies(at elevation windows). Roof top and other aesthetic landscapes.

Nautral green wall with bamboos and shrubs will act as eastern and western compound wall.

Lobby will be access card protected at ground floor.

CCTV cameras will be provided for the common areas.

Basic lighting loads inside the house will also have DG back up.

Automation for water motor, common area lighting, drip irrigation in terrace.


Insightful Concepts.


• Fresh water on tap
• Mid Landing Seating, Gardens & Child Handrails
• Cental Atrium
• Managed Car Parking
• Laundromat
• Eco-Friendly Environment
• Card Accessed Lobby
• Jaali drop as replacement for concrete conventional drop
• Trickle Vent
• Third Bedroom for every 6 homes
• Terrace pet Corner
• Thinnai
• Home Food App
• Floor for Senior Citizens
• Creche