The beautiful homes we build are always less important to us than the people we build them for. We build for people. Real flesh-and-blood people with all their dreams and desires and their idiosyncrasies. We want our homes to move from being mere addresses, to becoming canvases, platforms, and retreats for the human soul. We want them to enhance lives, and bring people and possibilities together in happy collaboration. We arenʼt satisfied being your normal, everyday builder. Because we are invested in you, not the building.

It isn’t about where you live.

It’s about how you live.

If God is in the details

Welcome to his temple.

The big difference with us is that we are constantly obsessing about the little things. We are thinkers, but also tinkerers, who are interested in the smallest detail, even as we have the ability to see the big picture. We care deeply about the little stuff: the corners, the shelving, the lighting, the parking, the drivers, the domestic help, even how we can redesign a window blind, or a bird-feeder! Nothing (and nobody), is too small for us, and we can spend days trying to get it right. Because we believe ‘The God of Small Thingsʼ shouldnʼt just remain a work of fiction.

A home is not just where you live. It is also where your ambitions, your desires, your dreams and aspirations live and grow. A home is where you make memories; it can be a refuge, a retreat, or a recharge point for you to prepare for the world outside. Which is why we put as much thought into it as you would, maybe more. Thatʼ’s also why we put a lot more than brick and mortar; we pour ourselves into it.

To any place worth coming back to

A shortcut could well be the longest journey between two points. And, at Bharathi, we hate shortcuts, because we believe that it’s not just about getting somewhere, but how you get there, that’s truly important. Our living and work spaces are not just built painstakingly with bricks, steel and cement, but also with a healthy dose of imagination and creativity. We understand that it’s the little things that go a long way to make people happy, and that the journey is as important as the address you arrive in.

The past is the best present for the future

Even as we are happily grounded in the future, we often revisit the past for inspiration. We are only too happy to learn from yesterday and bring the best practices from traditional design, materials, methods, and philosophies into designing for tomorrowʼs world. From bringing back jaalis, to experimenting with time-tested, natural flooring, to finding common ‘verandahs’ for a group of homes, we are working to ensure that our homes never forget our common roots and culture.

Right next door to Life.

We make sure our properties are located with easy access to the conveniences you love like shopping malls, schools and business districts, and yet designed to help you retreat from the hustle and bustle into an oasis of calm should you want to. But we arenʼt talking access and convenience alone. It could be a good school. Or just good neighbours. A park. Anything. Itʼs less about amenities and stuff, and more about staying as connected as you wish to be.

Tech is about people, not machines.

We believe that technology can be a force for good, when it is harnessed to the advancement of humanity. To that end, we obsess about what we can bring in, or build into our communities, to make things smarter, easier, and better. Whether it be specially engineered designs for the differently-abled, childcare solutions for single moms, we will leverage technology to improve services, products, and platforms to help our communities become more self-sustaining and inclusive.

Att the end of the day, every one of us shares one true home: The Earth! At Bharathi, our aim is to grow communities around nature, and try to inculcate responsible living as an ideal. We believe conservation is everybody’s business, and are, therefore, mindful of our footprint in everything we do. From products and processes, to people and philosophies, we ensure that everybody and everything is earthed in this philosophy.